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You're Not Alone


The thought of hiring a personal trainer specializing in a niche population and commuting to your home probably has you thinking that this would be an expensive price. This is not the case! I can utilize state funding through RESPITE or IRIS to supplement my cost. If your child already utilizes either of these services, you can add me to their services to help offset costs. My services are a flat rate, but the amount RESPITE or IRIS covers will decide what your out-of-pocket costs will be. 


flat rate

  • My rate is per hour.

  • Each client's abilities differ, which means that I cannot specifically state how many hours a week your child will need until we have a consultation. I also cannot say I also cannot say how long my sessions will be until we have a consultation. 



  • IRIS or RESPITE will grant you a specific amount of hours per week for which you can hire me.

  • IRIS or RESPITE will also dictate the amount of money they will supply to help pay for my services. There are different codes for different services, and your caseworker will know which service to put me under to support you and your child. 

Initial Cost



Final Cost

Final cost

  • I take my flat rate cost and subtract the amount IRIS or RESPITE will supply your family for my services.  This means that each client's final price may vary because IRIS or RESPITE supplementary pay varies with each client. 

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