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What I Do

The Track to Building a Stronger You


Cardio Fitness

Flexibility Training


Strength Training

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By combining cardio, strength, and flexibility, I am able to create a well-rounded program that I tailor to each one of my clients. No single mode is more important than the other. These three modes in balance create a fitness program in harmony. 

The Importance of Location

As your personal trainer, I believe it is essential that you feel comfortable and safe while training with me. That is why I created my programs to fit in the safest location my clients know: their home. I tailor each of my programs to fit any available space. I bring the gym to your house; I supply all the necessary weights and equipment for each session. No need to worry about transportation; I bring everything to you in the comfort of your home. Bringing the gym to you allows family members to not worry about time constraints either. I understand that life is busy, and adding another task of driving and waiting for your child to complete their training can be a difficult swing to make. With this unique style of programming, I alleviate that stress. 

Cardio fitness helps increase your heart, lungs, and blood vessels' efficiency. This increased efficiency makes it easier for your body to pump blood throughout it, translating to a stronger, healthier body.  

​Health and fitness are not only about your body's outside appearance but also the inside. Flexibility will help improve your mobility, posture, and muscle coordination, which will help increase your independence.  

Strength training will help you increase your muscle mass and bone density, which helps reduce the risk of future injuries. Strength training can help you improve your metabolism to burn more calories, and makes everyday activities easier. 

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