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About FitNow

Making a Positive Impact

FitNow believes every person should have the opportunity to live a healthy lifestyle no matter their impairment! A healthier lifestyle begins with building and maintaining a solid and fit body. FitNow's purpose is to help identify your fitness goals, design an exercise program tailored to your needs, and help you along your incredible journey. FitNow's inclusive approach to fitness and health will have you feeling fantastic and seeing a difference in no time.

FitNow specializes in working with kids and adults with impairments; this focus allows FitNow to understand and respect this specific population more than an ordinary gym. My clients and their parents can feel comfortable knowing that their trainer has the supporting education and experience with this great population. You can be confident that your trainer knows and understands your unique abilities. It takes time, patience, and adaptability to work with this population, and FitNow has been working hard to bring this unique and special training to your home. 

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No Space is too small to Build a Stronger you!

Provided Services



To help increase your heart rate by:

  • Running

  • Circuit training

  • Interval training  



To help increase muscle strength by:

  • Band work

  • TRK

  • Kettle balls

  • Bodyweight

My Son Max has been working with Casey, the trainer for FitNow, for almost a year and the success stories are never-ending. One specific story that stands out to me is when we set a goal of running/ walking a 5k run. Casey worked with Max to increase his endurance and strength to be physically and mentally prepared. On the day of the run, Casey ran with him to help him stay motivated and supported him throughout the entire race. They finished the race ahead of what we thought Max would be able to, and accidentally missed him crossing the finish line, luckily another member of the race saw Max and took a photo of him finishing. Excitement radiated off of Max, he was so proud of himself for being able to accomplish the race and at a pace that his family did not expect. It showed that by finding the right training Max can physically do whatever he put his mind to.

Laurie K.


To help increase range of motion by:

  • Yoga

  • PNF

  • Pre-stretch

  • Post-stretch 



To help increase your core and balance by:

  • Yoga

  • Core movements

  • Balancing 


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